The fiancé(e) visa (or K-1 nonimmigrant visa) allow your non-US citizen fiancé(e) to enter the United States for 90 days so that your marriage ceremony can take place.

To start the process, you must prove that:
  • You and your fiancé(e) have met in person
  • Both are free to enter into marriage
  • You pass the recent poverty guidelines
If you meet above basic requirements and want to start your K1 journey, click the start button.

For some K1 applicants, their journey may not be as smooth sailing. Before you start the application, make sure you talk to a good and experienced US immigration attorney if:

US Petitioner or Beneficiary has:
  • Prior criminal record
  • Serious medical condition
  • Prior denial/refusal of US visa

US Petitioner:
  • Is a multi-filer of K1 visa
  • Does not meet the poverty guidelines
  • Obtained US citizenship through marriage and has been divorced within the last 5 years